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How early is too early for speech therapy?

As speech pathologists, we are specialists in all forms of communication, including non-verbal communication. This means we are able to assess the communication skills of children as young as 3 months old. Before your child is 2 years old there are many communication milestones that we are able to consider to identify if there are any early signs of a [...]

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The role of the Speech Pathologist in aged care

As Australia’s population continues to age, the speech pathologist’s role in aged care becomes increasingly important. It is our role to advocate and provide communication and mealtime support for older people in hospitals, the community as well as in residential aged care facilities. Older people experience difficulties with communication and mealtimes at a significantly higher rate, often complicated by multiple [...]

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Ear Infections – How do they affect your child’s speech and language development?

Otitis media and hearing loss? Otitis media is the name for a fluid build-up in the middle ear due to inflammation, commonly called middle ear infections. This fluid prevents the ear drum sending sound from the middle to the inner ear. Otitis media is common in young children. It can vary in severity from a mild infection to a hole [...]

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Three of the best toys for language development

Three of the best toys for language development   As speech pathologists we often get asked what the best toys are to support the language development of young children. Research shows that children don’t need high-tech complex toys to learn, traditional toys work best. Here are a few key toys that we go to because of the variety of skills [...]

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Reading with your baby

Reading with your baby Written by Jess Cooper, Speech Pathologist at Southern Highlands Speech Pathology We are often asked by parents “when should you start reading to your baby?”.  The answer is to start reading today!  Reading with your baby can be one of the most valuable activities that you do together. It has the potential to develop their language [...]

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